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The true Made in Italy: one single value that contains many others

Pelletterie Rosano is characterized by its deeply artisanal traditions, linked to meticulous care over every detail. It is a company dedicated to Made in Italy and has been a reference point for high quality leather handbags and accessories since 1971. With the second generation of the family now running the company, Pelletterie Rosano has opened to new technologies, such as online commerce and social networks, in order to approach new markets more actively, while keeping its focus on the artisanal nature of the company and the traditional know–how which has been passed down through the generations.

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A true Made in Italy is in fact the strongest philosophy driving the company. It is a value that encloses many others: it is not a simple question of image, but also of ethics, approach and professional standards. “When a product is 100% Made in Italy it is guaranteed to be a top product totally produced in Italy by qualified people with specific skills. The concept encloses not only the quality of the product, the artistic creativity and artisanal techniques, but also other aspects such as the protection of the workers, safety systems, production control and respect for the environment”, as Simone Masi, owner of the company together with his brother Marco, explains.

These values mean that Pelletterie Rosano provides their clients with a complete service which moves from the artistic and technical design of the model, to the development and production of the models, and final packing of the finished bag. The Showroom above the factory in Pontassieve can be visited without appointment.

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The company, which has been collaborating with one of the most important Florentine high fashion companies for many years, continues to move towards a market position where it represents the true Made in Italy, recognizable for its style and artisanal traditions.