Social Engagement

The highest level of professional quality found in Pelletterie Rosano is accompanied by important moral values. For several years the company has been part of the network enterprise "Energy Group for the Development of Pontassieve" which deals with the development and improvement of living conditions in some rural villages in Senegal, with the logistical support of the "Fratres of Pontassieve blood donors group”. The project involves collecting funds for the construction of public photovoltaic plants, which are essential for everyday life in these small communities.

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"The success of the choices and the commitment that accompanies us every day gives us a deep awareness of the world around us.

It is not part of our philosophy to ignore problems that could easily be solved with very little effort.

Over the years this awareness has turned into concrete action, and since 2009 we have been engaged in a project of international cooperation in Senegal.
We prefer to direct our donations to small projects, and we participate in the implementation of these projects in person, to ensure that the resources which are fundamental for them are not wasted.

We are proud of this commitment, we see our projects become reality.

Small tangible gestures giving a true demonstration of love for one’s neighbor."

-Simone Masi